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Pavlos manages T-Cell blood counts and skin condition (CTCL) on a carnivore diet

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

Tracy manages her weight and cancer treatment on keto and carnivore

Keto and carnivore have changed my life beyond anything in my wildest/hopeful dreams. I was introduced to Keto, or should I say re-introduced to Atkins, by a coworker who had lost a noticeable amount of weight. Because it came from a woman’s magazine I really wasn’t on board with it and felt the need to research it. Keto has benefited my life way beyond weight loss: I have a few auto immune diseases, I’m insulin resistant, and I’m obese.

After about three months research I started keto in January 2018. I stayed below 20 total carbs. Weight loss was slow, but weight loss was not my number one priority after having done the research to learn how to manage my auto immune without meds and lower my A1c and my fasting insulin. In August 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went back to YouTube and the books to learn about keto and cancer. The most valuable thing that I learned was sugar is cancers favorite fuel. I oncologist does not agree with me on this but I don’t need his blessing. Not throwing him under the bus, he is very open minded and one of the few MDs on board with me and Keto.

I had a bilateral mastectomy and 27 lymph nodes removed on the right side. The chemo protocol was Taxol and Adriamycin + Cytoxin. Pretty mean stuff. Of course, I had all the side effects that go with chemotherapy from hair loss to vomiting and loss of appetite, but my overall health was far better because I existed on a diet of pastured eggs, olives, avocado, liverwurst and Swiss cheese. I know that sounds like pregnancy kind of food but it kept me in really good shape. My plan was to eat two meals a day for the three days leading up to chemo and then I would fast for 2 to 3 days following chemo. I did use an electrolyte replacement. LMNT had some really good flavors that agreed with me or I would just have sea salt in water.

Unfortunately, I could not finish the second chemo protocol because I developed bilateral pulmonary embolisms and was 80% on room air. So, I missed the last two treatments of Adriamycin Cytoxan. My oncologist was confident that I would do well even though I had also opted to skip radiation. I was taking an aromatase inhibitor from July 2019 through August 2022.

In July 2019 I was told that my cancer was gone. I would have to do 10 years of the aromatase inhibitor which prohibits the body from making estrogen from testosterone. My cancer was HER++. Estrogen loves fat and now I became more focused on getting rid of my excess body weight. Visceral fat secretes all sorts of things that also make you sick. I was sarcopenia & post menopausal and could not even do curls with a 2 1/2 pound weight!

Luckily, I live alone and I’m not tempted by other foods and I started to learn more about the carnivore diet as the extreme elimination diet. As a sidenote, I have suffered from depression since childhood and was hopeful that this would help manage depression. I knew I was low in protein and wanted to get my protein only from food: I do not eat shakes or snacks or bars. I might try Ben Bikman’s Hlth Shake (more to come on that.)

At any rate, I did not gain weight during Covid and I am probably down around 80 pounds. I weigh in Measure once a month but I just have a simple bathroom scale so I don’t live and die by that number. My A1c is 5.1 and my endogenous insulin is down to 11. My goal is to get my A1c into the high 4s and get my endogenous insulin below 5. My endocrinologist is not on board with any of this; therefore, I simply lie to her. I did ask for Metformin though during chemo because my A1c shot up to 6–insulin was sky-high, too.

This spring I enrolled in a breast cancer study for patients with metastasis. I learned that my cancer has metastasized beyond the lymph nodes. I was gutted. It is liver Mets and obviously there’s nothing that can be done except to take the oral chemo and a shot (IM) as long as I can tolerate it.

I’m having a very hard time eating anything. This is where I think I’m going to consider Ben’s shake. My blood glucose is fine and I still have ~30 pounds to go and could certainly fast, but I miss eating something besides the electrolyte. I’m very strict with the diet it’s more than lifestyle now because it’s part of my medical protocol.

Shawn, thank-you so much for being on YT & cutting through all of the BS. You may not know how much we, or at least I, rely on you for guidance because it just can’t be found in the local community and these doctors have their head so far up their arses. One doctor asked me if I were challenging her medical degree with my Google degree. WTF?! I told her I am with the patient 24/7 and am the one who ensures compliance. I won’t do anything that I don’t understand, and I’m sorry I don’t have some type of a medical degree.

Thanks for going against the grain.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

Melissa And Tom Are Navigating Cancer On The Carnivore Diet

“I have an amazing story for you,” Melissa tells us.


Her carnivore journey started in 2016 when her daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer. It was at this time that she found Dr. Baker.


Despite Melissa’s best efforts, her daughter chose not to combine carnivore with conventional cancer treatments. Sadly, Melissa’s daughter passed away in January 2017.


Three months before her daughter’s death, Melissa started to bleed heavily, even though she was postmenopausal. In July, she had a full hysterectomy and was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Her doctor recommended radiation; Melissa said “no.”


Melissa went carnivore. She admits, though, that it was her version of carnivore—three weeks carnivore and then she would “eat every donut in a 20-mile radius. I just kept going back to carnivore.”


Melissa says she’s a “gutter-level sugar addict.” Her addiction began at the age of 5 when she stole money from her father to buy candy. Her addiction made it hard for her to stay on track with carnivore. Melissa learned that as an addict, she needed to avoid certain things. “I can’t go to CVS’s candy aisle.”


To stave off cravings now, she keeps cooked meat in the fridge “ready to go.” When cheating thoughts come, she eats meat and stays on track.


Melissa says she goes for fat and focuses on meat. She enjoys a strip steak for breakfast and a ribeye or bacon omelet for lunch. Often, she doesn’t eat dinner.


Her energy has improved since ditching sugar and eating meat. At 66, she’s up at 4 am and operates her dog boarding daycare all day.


Several years into her carnivore journey in January 2022, Melissa’s husband, Tom, hurt his back. An MRI revealed two compressed vertebrae with spots around them. Tom was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.


He had surgery for his vertebrae and chemotherapy. When he left the hospital, he couldn’t walk, was in agony, had lost 20 pounds, and was on painkillers.


Melissa told Tom he “starts a full carnivore diet now or she’s leaving.” He was too sick to argue.


She fed him bacon, eggs, ribeyes, strip steaks, and some lamb.


Within five weeks after his surgery, Tom was off every painkiller. At 6 weeks, he tells Melissa he’s “bored and is going back to work.” “He felt that good,” recalls Melissa.


Since his surgery, Melissa and Tom have been full carnivore.


Tom recently got an echocardiogram, and the doctor said he is in great shape.


Today, almost six months after surgery, Tom’s regained all his weight and muscle strength. He has no back pain or problems with his vertebrae.


Melissa says Tom is in better shape now than before his diagnosis; she attributes this to the carnivore diet.


As a carpenter, Tom had knee problems and other joint issues, but no more. “He can’t believe how good he feels at 66,” Melissa says.


“I think our lives have improved enormously since he is doing this with me.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

Sami Manages Stage 4 Colon Cancer With A Meat Diet

I am Sami from Japan. I am or was a terminal stage 4 colon cancer patient. A Carnivorous diet helped save my life. I’m writing this email because I would like to help people who have the same condition by sharing my story.

Let me tell you about my colon cancer survival by meat-only diet story. I was a vegan since I was 6 years old. I developed a severe eating disorder at the aged 15. The reason for such was due to my self-abusing with horrendous amounts of laxatives on an everyday basis. I now believe that what caused the onset of my illness, was fiber and laxatives. Having been bulimic for 35 years I finally concurred with my eating disorder. In 2016 I started the keto diet. My health in general improved by it yet still I was constipated.

In 2018 June I finally dove into a carnivorous diet. I really liked it. My bloating issue was almost cured, or at least so I thought.

In 2021 March there was a lot of publicity about microbion in the gut. I was convinced by the idea of ‘feeding my gut’ theory. I started to incorporate vegetables into my diet. Of course, all my gastrointestinal symptoms made a comeback. But I pushed it believing that my gut was going to adjust to the new fibrous environment.

On April 7th, 2021, after eating some mushrooms I had a dull yet uneasy sensation in my stomach. The next morning I went to our neighbor’s hospital but they couldn’t finger out. I was sent to one of the biggest hospitals where they gave me a diagnosis of stage 4 colorectal cancer metastasized liver.

I had an intensive operation following chemotherapy. I was dying and hospitalized. But I didn’t eat hospital food looking rubbish. I ate meat secretly. I kept a carnivorous diet during my hospitalization.

When my medical team discovered a reoccurrence of cancer in my liver l sent an email to Professor Seyfried. It states:

Dear Dr. Thomas N. Seyfried,

I am writing this because I am going to have to decide on my cancer treatment. My name is Masami, 48years old female from Japan.

I had an enormous surgery in May this year. I had my accenting colon, one-fourth of the liver, appendix, and four lymph nodes taken out.

Three months later, they found another cancer cell growth in the liver.

I have been on chemotherapy since July. It’s so tough.

My surgeon is thinking that she has to give me another operation at the end of the year or January 2022 following stronger chemo.

I don’t think it will extend my life in a meaningful way.

I have watched several YouTube videos where you explain the cancer metabolism theory which I am impressed with.

I have been on a keto / carnivore diet for more than 5 years. My glucose level is well controlled. I am thinking of buying keto mojo. But I am not sure how much Gluconeogenesis is influencing cancer growth.

When it comes to Glutamine, without pharmaceutical intervention, I don’t think I can reduce the level from my system.

I would appreciate it if you could suggest any supplements or medications to create the condition where I can starve the cancer cells.

Kind regards,

He kindly replied to me with piles of documents for me to study. Suggestions were given. Some of which I followed. Actually I couldn’t follow deep keto, because I’m lifting weights and it’s my passion. My performance was compromised by the therapeutic level of ketosis.

I started to bump up my meat intake. I have been eating 120-180g of protein a day for more than 6 months while I took MRI twice to check my cancer cells. The results showed that the cancer cells in my liver didn’t change their size AT ALL. My surgeon always said that she would give me another surgery but my cancer cells are too small. Professor Seyfried’s theory and the nutritionist who Professor referred me are not big fan of high protein intake. But I gave high meat consumption a try and It’s been successful. MEAT DOES NOT CAUSE CANCER. MEAT DOES NOT HINDER CANCER TREATMENT.

I don’t think what works for me works for every cancer patient. But it is much more effective than surgeries, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy.

I’m eating eggs and ground meat. I go to the gym at 4:00 am and lift weights.

Could l help people who are devastated cancer patients realize that a carnivorous diet is a clinically healthy way to fight cancer?


Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

Tabitha Chose Therapeutic Ketosis Over Standard Of Care Treatment On A Carnivore Diet

“My name is Tabitha and I reside in the Lake Norman area, a suburb of Charlotte, NC. I’m 47 and I’ve been married for 25 years, this month, to my best friend and biggest supporter…I work full-time as a real estate asset manager. I self-discovered I was pre-diabetic in 2014 at a “normal” weight after juicing and eating vegetarian. At the same time, my father-in-law was battling stage 3 colon cancer, and I became a student on metabolic disease.”

Tabitha grew up with the SAD diet, “drinking soda, eating packaged foods, TV dinners, all the things we didn’t know any better about.”

In her 20s, Tabitha became a “seeker of health” and tried many diets, including paleo, weight watchers, slim fast, and south beach diet. She frequently experienced digestive discomfort and upset, and she eventually came to the conclusion that quinoa and chickpeas were to blame. “Almost like a colicky baby.”

When her father-in-law was fighting cancer, she tried juicing with him. “I would do juice fasts; vegetable juice, very little fruit. I would do mostly greens, ginger, lemon, maybe some beets…and I felt terrible. It was absolutely awful.”

She found some relief with the ketogenic diet, and “was able to get my blood sugar at a more stable level, my mood was stabilized…everything was great; I felt wonderful.”

In August 2020, she awoke with severe abdominal pain again: “I ended up in the ER with severe abdominal pain. Within 24 hours, I had emergency surgery for a ruptured colon, had my sigmoid colon removed, and an ileostomy in place. All thought to be diverticulitis. Two weeks later pathology revealed stage 3 colon cancer with positive lymph nodes. The same cancer we lost my father-in-law to in 2017.”

After 48 hours of “complete shock,” Tabitha decided to go back and review everything she had learned while her father-in-law had cancer. The oncologist she saw recommended “24 rounds of chemotherapy… I asked for more time.”

Looking for more information, Tabitha bought Dr. Baker’s book, The Carnivore Diet, three months before her cancer diagnosis. She sought out a functional health doctor, who suggested a genetic test. The results showed that Tabitha “needed to do a therapeutic ketogenic diet.”

“In the cancer space, there’s a huge push to go vegan, to cut out all red meat, cut all animal products…I knew that was going to be hard for me.” She pursued a carnivore diet.

Tabitha says she “refused chemo and any other treatments beyond surgery…I used combined natural therapies along with therapeutic ketosis to heal. My diet consists of mostly animal foods and animal fats.” She noted that “the more I eliminated plants, the better my numbers got.”

At 16 weeks, she had her ileostomy reversed. She says she is “clear-headed, I have energy.” She remains diligent about following her diet, with a few berries when they are in season. “Today, no test shows any active cancer whatsoever, and I’m thriving, living a high-quality life. I hope my story can help others.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

David battled rare blood cancer and improved his quality of life on a carnivore diet

Dave has always taken his health seriously. Dave says he never ate a lot of sugar and has always worked out. Dave was shocked when he was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer ten years ago that caused his body to produce too many red blood cells. Though Dave’s cancer is treatable, it makes his blood like “motor oil’– extremely thick. It also requires that he get regular phlebotomies to remove his body’s excess red blood cells.
Dave says though the phlebotomies help his body’s red blood cell count, they make him anemic. Over the last ten years, his anemia has made him very weary. So much so that he has struggled to leave his home. His doctors have tried different medications, like prescription iron tablets, to help with his chronic anemia, but they caused his body to produce too many red blood cells yet again.


Dave says he experimented with diets to find ways to battle his fatigue. He first tried the paleo diet. He ate a lot of chicken, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and beans. Dave says the paleo diet did little to help him with his fatigue.
Then one day, Dave stumbled online across Joe Rogan’s podcast and his interview with Dr. Shawn Baker. Dr. Baker spoke of his meat-only diet, which Dave admits sounded crazy but still intrigued him. From there, Dave researched other carnivore diet followers like Kelly Hogan, who has followed the diet for over a decade. Dave says he knew there had to be something to the carnivore way of eating if its advocates could stay on it for many years and thrive.
Dave decided to try the diet for thirty days. He says initially, he had some digestive issues, but after two weeks, they went away. After those first two weeks, Dave said he had more energy than he had in years. He knew he needed to continue the carnivore way of eating beyond the thirty-day limit he gave himself. Dave describes having a shoulder replacement surgery five months into his diet, where his doctor said he “healed like a model patient.” Dave knew his rapid healing was thanks to his carnivore lifestyle.
Dave says today his ferritin levels are slightly on the low side (which is to be expected), but his hemoglobin has dramatically improved. Dave also says he’s even got his wife and daughter following the carnivore diet after seeing his success. His daughter has even lost a lot of weight following the carnivore lifestyle.
Dave says at sixty-seven years old, he is the only one of his friends that isn’t on daily prescription medications. Dave says his version of the carnivore diet consists of mostly beef with some pork. He also drinks around one gallon of raw milk per week and eats some eggs.
Dave is a fan of the platform and says he greatly respects Dr. Baker. He doesn’t usually attend the meetings, but he likes to watch them later online. Dave recognizes he has had to relearn everything he thought he knew about health, and he loves soaking up all the information he can get about this way of eating. Dave is very grateful for his carnivore journey. He says, “the carnivore diet took me to another level and opened my eyes to a whole new world.”

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

Florian is utilising a carnivore protocol as an adjuvant therapy to his cancer treatment

According to doctors, Florian should not be alive today. Florian is german and grew up eating what he describes as the healthier version of the “standard German diet.” He ate a lot of meat and vegetables and only a few processed foods, as most of his food was made from scratch. Florian says around the age of thirty; he started a finance job where he sat at a desk for around twelve hours a day. He began to put on weight and peaked at almost 250 pounds.

Florian began looking into alternative methods to help him lose weight. He experimented with the paleo diet and took up sports to become more active. Florian came across research about a low-carb, high-protein diet, otherwise known as the ketogenic diet. The keto diet allowed him to lose the weight he needed to lose.

His knowledge of a low-carb way of life would serve him well as he was diagnosed with incurable stomach cancer. Approximately nine months ago, while still eating keto, Florian had surgery for his cancer. The cancerous tumor in his stomach was growing into his colon, making it difficult to eat and digest many foods. He asked his surgeon what he should do, and he flippantly replied, “just don’t eat plants.”

Florian says he doesn’t think his surgeon realized not eating plants was a whole movement, but following his doctor’s advice, Florian stumbled upon the carnivore lifestyle. Florian, at the time, was told he had six to seven months to live– that was nine months ago. Thanks to the carnivore diet, Florian is thriving, and his doctors are perplexed.

Florian says success for him looks a little different. He knows cancer feeds on sugar, and his most considerable success is that eliminating sugar has kept him alive. Florian has also noticed he no longer struggles with allergic asthma, and though he is currently experiencing the biggest crisis of his life, he feels very calm. A stark contrast to the amount of stress he felt before he began the carnivore diet.

Florian says he eats all meats–beef, a lot of pork, seafood, eggs, chicken, and duck. He even has a neighbor who is a hunter, so he has been enjoying wild boar and deer from his neighbor. Florian also enjoys some dairy, especially butter, though he said his body is learning he doesn’t process cheese as well as he used to. Florian also says he stumbled across research that showed that fasting supports chemotherapy. So Florian fasts at least one day a week while not receiving chemotherapy treatments and fasts more when he is receiving chemo treatments.

Florian has his cancer doctors confused about why he is doing so well. He says that sometimes he will get asked, “are you still doing your no-carb diet?” And he’s even been told that he needs to have carbs. Florian says he feels like his cancer doctors have a “willful ignorance” when it comes to alternative cancer treatments. Still, his general practitioner seems more open to his lifestyle and often encourages him.

Florian says his most significant success is “I am doing as well as I am.” Florian also says he doesn’t know where he will be in three weeks, three months, or three years, but he is still here today. Florian’s testimony is incredible, and he has the carnivore diet to thank for keeping him alive and thriving.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

Matt eliminated athlete’s foot and heartburn on a carnivore lifestyle

Before discovering the carnivore diet, Matt says his eating consisted of pizza, spaghetti, bread, and an addiction to Oreos. Matt says he didn’t have any significant health issues as you would expect from a forty-year-old eating the Standard American Diet. However, he did experience intense acid reflux and athlete’s foot, and he also noticed his moods were not completely stable.

After he turned forty, his wife convinced him to join her at a CrossFit gym, which Matt was somewhat reluctant to do. However, he soon gained a love for CrossFit, and it was there that he discovered the paleo diet.

Matt initially eliminated grains, potatoes, dairy, and other sugary foods while following the paleo way of eating. However, it wasn’t until his mom was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer that he truly began to learn the effects of sugar. Matt’s mom was not given a lot of hope. Her doctors told her to expect never fully get rid of the cancer in her body. The doctors also told her they could temporarily get her into a point of remission, but eventually, the cancer would return with a vengeance.

Matt decided to do some research outside of his mom’s doctors. He discovered a book called “Tripping Over the Truth” by Travis Christofferson. In the book, the author explains his theory of cancer being a “metabolic disease.” Matt says he also learned how cancer is fed by sugar and that the best way to rid of cancer is to starve it of sugar.

Matt relayed his discoveries to his parents and decided to follow the keto diet with his mom to support her. Despite her poor prognosis, Matt’s mom is doing very well today. She continues to follow the keto diet and is in remission. Even better, she continues to prove her doctors wrong. Matt says she even has more strength now than she did before she had cancer.

Matt continued to follow the keto diet for a couple of years. He says he noticed an improvement in his moods, but his acid reflux and athlete’s foot remained. One day, he heard Dr. Shawn Baker on Joe Rogan’s podcast and decided to try the carnivore diet. Within three months of living the carnivore lifestyle, Matt’s acid reflux and athlete’s foot disappeared.

Matt has now been following the carnivore diet for eighteen months. He says he only eats a little because he often does not feel hungry. He’s even been known to fast for up to four days while on business trips. He does enjoy mostly beef (particularly ground beef) and some fish. He also shared that he enjoys a chaffle (a waffle made out of cheese) with sugar-free syrup as a treat on the weekends.

Matt says he feels stronger now that he is following the carnivore diet. He shared that he continues to break his weight-lifting records and feels his body changing to be more muscular. Matt also said he can finally say he is no longer addicted to Oreos and other sugary foods. Overall, his moods are much more stable, and he says he finds much joy in his life as a carnivore.

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

German Shepherd diagnosed with cancer thriving on carnivore diet

Corinne, mom of a lovable 6-year-old german shepherd, got the kind of news every pet parent dreads: Tiber had colon cancer, and the vet believed it was incurable. Faced with this terrible news, Corinne and her family had a decision to make. Would they proceed with surgery and cancer treatments to extend her life by a year, or would they forgo the stress of that and let her live out her life for the next 2-5 months?


“We were heartbroken,” Corinne recalls. “We decided not to put her through those things since they could not cure her anyway. I decided to make her last months of life the best that I could and I accidentally put her on a carnivore diet.” Without any previous knowledge of the healing effects of a carnivore diet, Corinne decided to “spoil” Tiber and ditch the dog food. For the next few months, Tiber enjoyed steaks, burgers, chicken, pork, and organ meat.


This was quite an upgrade from Tiber’s typical diet of dry dog food and store-bought treats! “I threw all the dog treats out and her treats became real bacon and cheese instead of those little bones and cookies. We fed her like a queen, and gave her all the best steaks and everything we could find,” Corinne shares. “I wanted to make it the best for her.”


To everyone’s surprise, Tiber began to show signs of recovery. “The craziest thing happened!” Corinne explains. “She started getting better, her bowel movements cleared up, and she started taking walks again. Her energy just exploded, and she stopped throwing up. It was like she became a different dog!” Corinne was puzzled by it, because the vet had set her expectations for a zero chance of recovery. “The vet told us her quality of life would start going downhill, but we were seeing the opposite happen.


Corinne joked with her husband that if she ever got cancer, she should start eating what Tiber’s eating, because it’s making her come alive again. “After seeing her success, I decided to join her in solidarity and have started my own journey and have never felt better!” She’s been following a carnivore diet, too, for the past 8 weeks. “Whatever I make for myself, I make for Tiber, and I feel great, too! I have tons of energy, I’m starting to lose weight, and I sleep better. It’s like we’re on this little journey together!


For the last 16 months, Tiber has been thriving. She receives vet check-ups every three months, and the vet is completely blown away at how well she is doing. “The vet actually was concerned about Tiber’s all-meat diet, and was saying that we should get her back on dog food so that she has enough nutrients. We’re not doing that, though, it makes no sense as she’s doing so much better now. Why would I change anything?”


Corinne enjoys working from home with Tiber at her side, and is happy to share their success on a carnivore diet. “I think it’s worth it for yourself and for your pet. You might find you get amazing results like we did!

Results are not typical. All viewers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement or lifestyle program.

Trudy lost weight, and came off medications on a carnivore diet

Shortly after we were married, my husband and I found out we were already expecting our first baby. I wasn’t really “overweight”, but I wasn’t thin either. I weighed about 140. I’m 5’ 5”.

I gained nearly 90 lbs during my pregnancy. Don’t know why, I just did.

I lost a little after she was born, but not much. Then my weight started to climb!
By the time our daughter was 5, I already weighed 300 lbs.

A few years later, I was 400 lbs, wearing 5X clothes that were rapidly getting tight.

This last photo was taken Christmas 2010.

July 2011 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and spent 2 days in ICU, then 2 more days in a regular room.

I immediately quit sugar. It was a shock to my “southern girl” system to give up sweet tea, biscuits, and all the wonderful carb-y goodnesses I grew up on. But I did it!

In 18-24 months, I lost 100 lbs!

I was able to maintain that for a few years. Then I started having difficulty walking. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees. I had arthritis in my knee joints and under both my kneecaps. For almost 4 years, I walked with a cane. I was only in my mid-30’s.

I gained back about 80 lbs in 2 years. I was miserable! I tried Atkins/low carb. I just couldn’t lose!

August 2018 I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. I had no idea that obesity could cause cancer!!!

September 24, 2018 I had a complete hysterectomy. They removed my uterus, ovaries, and Fallopian tubes. My gynecological oncologist said that my ovaries probably hadn’t worked correctly in years.

I recovered from surgery, but still could not lose weight.

My primary care doctor and I talked about me having weight loss surgery, but we found out my insurance didn’t cover it so we started trying to raise the money. We asked my doctor if we should try to get on disability. She said that could take years, and I “didn’t have years”. We knew that meant I’d die if something didn’t change soon!

Even my oncologist worked to try and help me get bariatric surgery, but I couldn’t find help due to insurance problems.

I contacted a hospital in Mexico where several of my family members and friends had gone for bariatric surgery. Even though it was considerably less expensive, I still couldn’t come up with the money.

In faith, I started the pre-op diet they sent me. 3 of my siblings had to have bariatric surgery to lose weight so I just assumed I was next.

I followed that pre-op diet. It was very strict, but I followed it to the letter. After 3 months on that diet, I had lost only 5 lbs!

I was beyond frustrated, and very close to giving up, and just going back to eating whatever I wanted since I wasn’t losing anyway.

I prayed! I asked God to show me what to do.

One week after my 39th birthday, I woke up and said “I’m starting keto!” (I had come across Thomas DeLauer on YouTube, and I started doing tons of research on it, reading/watching testimonials about people getting off all kinds of meds, dropping weight, and so much other wonderful side affects of keto. I also started watching Dr. Ken Berry and Dr. Eric Berg.)

Within 3 weeks of going strict Keto, I was off my diabetes meds, thyroid meds, and I no longer needed my cane!!! (I haven’t used it since! That was August 2019!”)

Within 6 months, I’d lost 60 lbs! That wasn’t a lot for most keto people, but that was a LOT for me!

I felt great, better than I had in years, but I still had high blood pressure, severe anxiety, and some joint pain.

I had heard about Carnivore/Zero Carb, and I had been doing research. I’ve always loved vegetables, and it had been drilled into me all my life, and on Keto, “EAT YOUR VEGGIES!” So I was struggling with the “only animal products” way of eating.

I came across Judy Cho, Laura Spath, Kelly Hogan, Dr. Shawn Baker, Charles Washington, and a few others in my YouTube searches.

After LOTS of research, I decided to go without veggies one evening for dinner. Then I didn’t have veggies the next day. Then I realized I hadn’t eaten veggies in a week or so, and I was feeling great!

In that first week, I lost 10 lbs that I’d gained after stalling on Keto.

I’ve lost 2 lbs since this last pic was taken. I’ve lost a total of 99 lbs from my highest weight!

Since going ZC, I’m now off my blood pressure meds (Lisinopril 30mg) and nearly off my anxiety meds (Lexapro 20mg). When I do feel I need something, I take only half a Lexapro, and only once a week or so. I also only need my acid reflux meds (omeprazole 49mg) every few days instead of every single day!

I continue to watch and read everything I can to learn more about why we thrive on this WOE. I’ve had hundreds of people contact me since I started losing weight. They all want to know what I’m doing, and can I guide them. As I learn, I share my new-found knowledge and wisdom!

My husband and I just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. I came across a photo from our 10th anniversary. I weighed 400 lbs, could barely walk, on TONS of meds, and I was wearing 5X clothes from Catherine’s (which is 6X most places), and they were almost too small.

My husband has lost about 40 lbs, even though he’s not 100% ZC.

I am so thankful to have found this WOE, and I share this with anyone who will listen!!! We can hardly wait to see where we’ll be down the road!

The Miller’s 20th Wedding Anniversary 03/04/2020
Joseph, size 58 suit (and it’s way too big).
Trudy, size 24 dress (and it’s too big).

7.5 weeks ZC/Carnivore so far, and life/health gets better and better and better!

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