Grant Manhart

I kept asking my orthopedist “What did thousands of years of wrecked knees do before total replacement in the 1960’s?” His and everyone else’s answer was “Men died younger then.” Comforting. A total knee replacement surgery after 4 years of toughing it out was scheduled for fall if I could make it through summer. In May I agreed to a cortisone injection into the knee to maybe get me through an active summer. It helped 20-30%, but pain returned full bore by mid-July. Surgery was waiting. Icepacks and ibuprofen and a heavy limp all summer got me to August. I heard Jordan Peterson’s video on his total meat switch. I was interested in the losing weight part, so I took nothing but meat and water and a little vodka (and ibuprofen, ice packs and ace bandages) on a solo 3 day fishing trip on August 1.

It’s funny but sometimes you don’t notice when chronic pain slowly leaves. No ice packs no ibuprofen since August 3 when I returned from fishing. The pain went away so gradually I did not notice! Today I walk absolutely normally and pain free… Still bone on bone, no “healing” a 60 yr old cartilage that is gone… but the pain is gone except for a shadowy “dang this used to really hurt when I did this” feeling… I can even jog a bit, ride a bike! I am an old hockey player and skating was the last exercise my failing knee could do, but the pain would stop me after 10 mins last winter on the pond. I have not run a step or biked in 4 years. I stopped pheasant hunting on opening day with friends all due to dread of pain, for at least 4 years, where due to immobility I gained 20 lbs. Already lost 12 of them… and it is still August!

Note I only tried the meat to lose weight… the knee was completely unexpected.

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