Kyle Ennis

Hello Dr. Baker,

My name is Kyle, and I am in debt to your expertise. I have set out on this no carb all meat journey with little to no expectations on the outcome. I started the day after Christmas of course feeling like crap from the terrible insulin dump, and this time I told myself I’m going to change my life around. After hearing your competing interview on JRE I was compelled to try this at least for a week… slowly that week turned into 2 and then grew to a month… I’m currently on day 63 of what has been the healthiest experiment I could have ever tried.

I started this with a notebook that I have write everything down in, consumption, water, workouts, feelings, etc. and branches out to experimenting with water retention for cutting weight for jiu-jitsu. I am a 10th Planet jiu-jitsu competitive athlete, and I have always had issues with my weight. This diet turned that around for me I set a goal to podium at the lowest weight I could make and I did just that.

On a carnivore diet, Kyle is leaner and stronger than ever before.

Over the 60 days my weight cut went extremely easy, and I have decided to go down another class with more prep time! My strength was extremely high, my cardio was through the roof, and most importantly the fat basically melted away. I have never felt happier/healthier in my life and have become “that guy” that tells everyone meat heals… (Hahah I have turned a couple). Words can’t express the thanks that I have for you!!!

Kyle’s jiu-jitsu performance has increased tremendously and with ease on a carnivore diet.

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